Therapeutic Dermatological Products

Therapeutic Dermatological Products

Curaderm Stay Young® Anti-aging System – The Curaderm® Stay Young anti-aging skin care regimen is a unique two part system designed to combat skin aging from the inside and out. Combining traditional herbal knowledge and recent scientific breakthroughs our system combines the power of two: a potent, yet safe antioxidant skin nutritional formulation (Curaderm HSN), and a safe, non-sensitizing, fast-acting antioxidant anti-aging crème (Curaderm R3).

The two Stay Young System products together complement and maximize the benefits of each other by delivering key nutrients, age arresting antioxidants, stress reducing adaptogenic herbs, and bio-actives that target free radical primary cause of accelerated skin aging. The Curaderm System delivers enhanced anti-aging effects and diminishes age lines, wrinkles, and spots. This care system provides powerful internal and external full spectrum antioxidants that target aging from the inside and out.

Curaderm® for Healthy Heels – All-natural Curaderm® for Healthy Heels moisturizes and nourishes dry or dull looking skin, calm itch and reduces inflammation and redness.

Tiny, painful skin cracks are an unfortunate side effect of severely dry skin. Our proprietary Curaderm Activated Botanical Blend and Minerals with allan¬toin boosts cell turnover to help repair flaky or cracked areas This helps with the affected area looking healthy again.

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