CuraPharm, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company that has developed a line of proprietary products that contain natural biocides and specialized redox technology for the treatment of viral and bacteriological infectious diseases. The Company has also developed an all-natural FDA 510k approved wound care system for non-healing wounds and all-natural therapeutic dermatological products to meet the growing needs and demands of the health care and beauty industries.

Although we are living in an era of rapid advances in medical technology, many of society’s medical concerns remain unaddressed. Curapharm works to address some of these unmet needs. Curapharm is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for underserved diseases that improve health and the quality of life.



Products include Virucidal/Antiviral agents and formulations and Disinfectants/Antiseptic formulations. Microbicides are all natural, non-toxic, safe, health and environment friendly.

Virucidal Products

Development of topical OTC formulations for the treatment and management of the herpes family of viruses (Simplex I, Simplex II and Shingles). HerpX Cold Sore product was developed and market ready as an OTC formulation for Herpes Simples viruses. The Gel product is activated on skin contact and penetrates quickly to reduce the time of a cold sore outbreak while providing soothing protection and pain relief.

Antibacterial/Antiseptic Products

This technology and products can be marketed for three applications, soft tissue disinfectant, hard surface disinfectant and. high level disinfectant. Specific consumer products include:

Hygenix Antiseptic Handwash Spray

For decontaminating and sanitizing hands and other soft and hard surfaces on demand. Product kills germs on contact and has extended residual activity.

Hygenix Antiseptic Handwash Lotion

Kills germs on contact with residual germicidal activity. Leaves skin soft and supple.

Hygenix Food Wash

An all-natural and safe wash to sanitize fruits and vegetables.



Wound Care System

The Curapharm wound care system is FDA 510k approved.

Phytacare® Wound Dressing

Phytacare® is an FDA 510k approved wound dressing.

Curaderm® Skin Revitalization Cream

Increases skin strength and used as a wound aftercare therapy to prevent the reopening of a healed ulcer.

Antiseptic wound cleanser

An OTC antiseptic cleanser with a novel blend of antimicrobials to clean wounds and reduce bio-burden before application of the Phytacare product.

Therapeutic Skin Care

Curaderm® Stay Young

Anti-aging topical and oral skin care system. An all natural oral supplement and topical cream combination to improve the appearance of the hair, skin and nails.

Curaderm® Healthy Heels

All natural skin protectant cream that heals dry, cracked skin on the feet quickly.