Company Focus

CuraPharm, Inc. with its HQ in San Diego, CA, has assembled a scientific and management team that is dedicated to developing proprietary biocides and redox technology for the treatment of viral and bacteriological infectious diseases. This technology, predicated on its proprietary materials, specialty formulations and delivery systems can activate and stabilize compounds in specific oxidative states to deliver efficacious activity to disease targets. The lead drug compound is delivered in topical gel formulation that kills enveloped viruses in the herpes family, including HSV-1 (facial and ocular herpes), HSV-2 (genital herpes), VZV (chicken pox and shingles), and CMV (cytomegalovirus) at very low concentrations that do not kill host cells. The herpes testing was completed in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health and University of Alabama. The Company’s lead compound is also a bacteriocide against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and gonococcus bacteria (the causative agents of gonorrhea), making it a good candidate as a topical agent to combat multiple sexually-transmitted diseases. The Company’s initial focus is on developing therapies for facial, ocular and genital herpes.

The Company’s biocide formulation is safe and successfully kills antibiotic resistant bacteria, fungus and spores at room temperature and would be marketed as a hard surface disinfectant. In addition, the company has developed an FDA 510k approved wound care system for the enhanced healing and treatment of diabetic ulcers and other non healing wounds.

The Company’s biocide technology can be used beyond medical applications in market places like industrial and commercial pathogen control, food processing and personal care and hygiene. Company plans to out license its technology in these diverse areas to market leaders to get a wider play to its technology, while itself focusing on and building its core competency in medical applications.