Our Company

Since itsí founding over 10 years ago, Curapharm has been committed to making a difference, through advancing treatment options, furthering research and development, providing affordable products, and therapeutic solutions for important, but underserved areas of the healthcare market.

Our core therapeutic focus is in the areas of viral and bacterial microbicides and wound healing. This is augmented by a growing therapeutic and strategic footprint in all natural dermatological and skin care solutions that promote healthy living. Our mission is to develop novel treatment options for a number of s unmet medical needs afflicting society today.

To support this mission and promote healthy living, Curapharm is:

  • Developing innovative affordable quality products.
  • Building on our capability to deliver high-quality products for a range of unmet health needs.
  • Pursuing product out- licensing, strategic partnering, and technology transfer opportunities that complement our mission to make our products available to the broader population through well entrenched partners with an extensive distribution network.